Nicholas Clemons lab

The Clemons lab, also known as the Tumourigenesis and Cancer Therapeutics lab, determines how tumours in the oesophagus and stomach develop and uses this new knowledge to design new treatments

The vision of the Clemons lab is to improve outcomes for gastro-oesophageal cancer patients through better treatment selection and development of new treatment strategies. These goals are built on a foundation of an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of how these tumours develop. Thus, our research is divided into three main areas utilising our laboratory expertise and links to the clinical care of gastro-oesophageal cancer patients: 

  • delineating the process of gastro-oesophageal tumour development 
  • discovering new therapeutic targets and developing new therapies 
  • developing biomarkers to guide treatment decisions in the clinic.  

In addition, we work with a passionate group of patients and carers to understand their experiences to ensure that any future changes to treatment pathways lead to better outcomes and meet the needs of people impacted by this disease. 

Current projects

Lab experts 

  • Cuong Duong (Clinical Research Associate)
  • David Liu (Clinical Research Associate)
  • Ebithal Mustafa (Post-doctoral Fellow)
  • Julia Milne (Post-doctoral Fellow)
  • Sasha Witts (Research Assistant)
  • Katherine Papastratos (Research Assistant)
  • Mike Bozin (PhD Student)
  • Zoe Nguyen (PhD Student)
  • Ibukun Adejumobi (PhD Student)
  • Zexi Allen (PhD Student)
  • Brodie Bilston (Research Assistant)
  • Cal McCrimmon (PhD student)
  • Samarah Shahid (Masters Student)
  • Giselle Thiele (Honours Student)
  • Loc Duong (Honours Student)

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