Shared care of colorectal cancer survivors

Survivors of colorectal cancer can experience a range of issues from the disease and its treatment, including ongoing side effects, emotional, psychological, and practical concerns. Patients frequently report a greater need for more information and greater support. In Australia, after completing treatment most patients have ongoing follow up with a cancer specialist that involves 3 monthly hospital visits in the first year. SCORE compared usual specialists follow-up care with a shared-cared (GP (General Practitioner) + Specialist) model to evaluate the acceptance and implementation of care coordination between community and hospital. 

Recruitment Status: Recruitment closed on 30 April 2021.  

Participant follow-up ended in November 2021.  

The findings of this study will be published and made publicly available soon. 


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 


Cancer Australia 

Principal investigator 

Professor Michael Jefford 

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