Charbel Darido

In the Charbel Darido lab, also known as the Darido Head and Neck Cancer Signalling laboratory, our goal is scientific excellence in investigating how solid cancers and particularly head and neck cancers develop, to devise novel preventative and therapeutic approaches.

In our research program at the Charbel Darido lab we are working towards identifying the tumour cell of origin, characterising its molecular identity and addressing the molecular heterogeneity of cancer cells. Our findings are introducing paradigm shifts in our understanding of disease drivers, and are exceptionally germane in the context of preventing and treating aggressive head and neck cancers.

The spirit of the Darido lab is built around the culture and diversity of staff and students. Here we encourage and facilitate discussions with national and international collaborators, support staff to interact with their fellow Researchers and Clinicians, and foster communications with patients through research engagement of Consumer representatives and not-for-profit organisations. We believe that this open framework is effective in motivating and driving research excellence.

Current projects

  • Evaluating clinically relevant epithelial and microbial biomarkers for early detection and prevention of head and neck cancer.
  • Predicting the development of oral cancer through spatial analysis of molecular mechanisms involved in the malignant reprogramming of oral epithelial cells into cancer-initiating cells.
  • Investigating the role of epithelial differentiation and innate immunity in cancer development.
  • Developing patient-derived, genetically-defined, and chemically-induced in vivo models for genomic and proteomic studies of HNC molecular subsets.
  • Controlling the progression of HPV-positive head and neck cancers with different viral integration statuses.
  • Developing mRNA vaccines to treat HPV-positive HNC.

Lab members

Dr Ruby (Yuchen) Bai, Post-doc; Dr Hossein Tabatabaeian, Post-doc; Professor Camile Farah, Clinical Associate; Dr Julie (Ruihong) Huang, PhD student; Mr Jarryd Boath, PhD student; Mr Nima Hemmat, PhD student; Ms Melissa Hernandez Enriquez, Master student

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