Cancer Genomics Translational Research Centre

The Cancer Genomics Translational Research Centre aims to drive bench-to bedside translation of genomic-based research into patient care

Representing an important interface between laboratory and clinical research, the Cancer Genomics Translational Research Centre designs, develops and conducts translational research for research scientists, clinical researchers and for the commercial sector. Projects can include retrospective analysis of clinical trial specimens or generating preliminary data for a grant application.

Our specialist technician team has extensive training and research experience in genomics (for example, next generation sequencing) and molecular biology, as well as conducting large scale, complex translational research encompassing biospecimen collection/processing, genomics, immunology, computational biology and biostatistics.

The centre has the capability to establish and develop a novel experimental and computational methods, and work to tailor research projects to your needs. Work can be performed on a commercial-in-confidence basis, as fee-for-service or as part of a research collaboration. Confidentiality, Intellectual Property and Publication Rights are agreed as part of each research service agreement.

The Cancer Genomic Translational Research Centre has a range of capabilities including in:

  • Liquid Biopsies - for example, ctDNA analysis
  • Immunogenomics - for example, TCR sequencing, microbiome-based analysis
  • Single Cell Sequencing - for example, Spatial Transcriptome
  • Bioinformatic tools and software development
  • Sequencing platforms - for example, bespoke targeted NGS panel design and analysis

To discuss your project, please contact: Stephen Wong, Head, Cancer Genomics Translational Research Centre, E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.