Our Patient Charter

We support the rights and responsibilities of our patients, their families and carers. We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcomes

In line with our Patient Charter we will give you information through open and honest discussion, to help you make decisions about your treatment and care.  


You have the right to: 

    • Be treated with dignity and respect 
    • Be treated the same regardless of  
    • gender 
    • age 
    • sexual orientation 
    • carer status 
    • disability 
    • marital status  
    • religious beliefs 
    • faith  
    • personal characteristics. 
    • Receive care that recognises, respects and includes your culture. 
    • Feel protected and safe. 

You are responsible for: 

    • Treating other patients, visitors and hospital staff with dignity and respect.  
    • Telling staff if something is upsetting you or worrying you.  
    • Behaving in a way that does not affect the safety, wellbeing or rights of others.  
    • Understanding you we may ask you to leave or have care withdrawn if you: 
    • Disrespect staff or others 
    • Behave in a threatening or dangerous manner. 

Communication, privacy and giving feedback 

You have the right to: 

    • Information about you or your treatment that is clear and easy to understand.  
    • Timely, open and effective two-way communication with your healthcare provider. 
    • A certified interpreter if you want one. 
    • Know all your choices, possible outcomes, side effects, risks and costs. 
    • Be told if something has gone wrong, how it happened, how it will affect you and what is being done to fix it. 
    • Expect us to treat you and your information with respect and privacy, according to the law. 
    • Raise your concerns and give feedback without it affecting the way we treat you. 
    • Access our Consumer Liaison if your care or treatment is dissatisfying or worrying. This also applies to the care of your loved one. 
    • Share your experiences with others.  

You are responsible for: 

    • Being open and honest with staff. 
    • Asking questions or requesting more information If you do not understand. 
    • Telling staff if English is your second language or if you need an interpreter. 
    • Giving us your most up-to-date health information. This includes any other therapies. 


You have the right to: 

    • Take part in and decide which treatment or care is best for you. 
    • Involve family, carers and/or friends in your care. 
    • Refuse treatment. There may be some situations where we may regard you as being unable to give informed consent. Or we may see you as unable to refuse treatment (see next point).  
    • Choose someone to make your medical decisions if you cannot speak for yourself. We refer to this person as your agent. 
    • Know what services you may need or can access after you leave us. 

You are responsible for: 

    • Asking questions so you understand your medical conditions and your treatment options. You should ask these questions before giving consent. 
    • Discussing your concerns with your healthcare provider to help your decision-making process. 
    • Alerting us to any changed health conditions, new or old, that may need reviewing by medical staff. 
    • Supplying a copy of any legal documents that could affect your care. 

Access and safety 

You have the right to: 

    • The healthcare you need. 
    • A wide range of healthcare services. 
    • Receive safe, protective, supportive and high-quality care that meets your needs. 
    • An environment that is safe and makes you feel safe. 

You are responsible for: 

    • Telling our staff of any changes to your personal details. Such details can include your address, contact, and/or general practitioner details. 
    • Understanding you may need to wait for attention or treatment at certain times. Such times can include when staff are attending to other patients. 
    • Attending your appointments or letting us know in advance if you are unable to attend. 
    • Accepting that some services you need are not available with us. 

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