Familial Cancer Research Centre

Our Familial Cancer Research Centre combines clinical and laboratory-based research to: 

  • Identify new hereditary cancer predisposition genes 
  • Improve the identification of people with hereditary cancer syndromes 
  • Develop new strategies for cancer risk management and personalising cancer treatments 
  • Investigate the wider psychosocial impact of these syndromes on the wellbeing of individuals and their families through the work of the Psychosocial Cancer Genetics Research Group
  • The Familial Cancer Research Centre is leading on several research projects that include: 
    • Investigating the role those common genetic variations (of the type we all have) play in inherited breast and ovarian cancer risk
    • Building a partnership between Australian Familial Cancer Centres (FCCs) to transform their clinical practice into a research resource
    • Studying prostate cancer screening in men with inherited BRCA and mismatch repair (MMR) gene mutations

Familial Cancer Research Centre research focus 

Our research focus includes: 

  • Identifying people with hereditary cancer syndromes and stratifying their individual cancer risk. 
  • Developing, implementing, and validating new strategies of cancer risk assessment and management, including genetic counselling models and preventative medicines. 
  • Identifying and validating new cancer risk predisposition genes through laboratory research. 

Research programs and projects 



Familial Cancer Centre
Level 1, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 
305 Grattan Street 
Melbourne VIC 3000 


Familial Cancer Centre 

Further information 

The Familial Cancer Research Centre collaborates with and contributes to several large collaborative studies including: 

  • The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS): Defining the hereditary contribution to ovarian cancer: The role of mismatched repair genes 
  • Mammographic Screening: Improving population based mammographic screening
  • Ovarian Cancer Program: Improving outcomes for women with Ovarian Cancer
  • Lifepool - The NBCF (National Breast Cancer Foundation) BreastScreen Cohort Demonstration Project: Integration of Breastscreen with an epidemiological, molecular, and translational research program
  • BRCAX – WES: Identification of novel breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility genes 
  • kConFab: The Kathleen Cuningham foundation consortium for research into familial breast cancer

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