Australian Ovarian Cancer Study

The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS) is a collaborative research program between clinicians, scientists, patients and advocacy groups, aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer

We initiated the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study with the help of researchers at the: 

  • University of Melbourne 
  • Queensland Institute of Medical Research  
  • Westmead Institute for Medical Research

The first goal of the AOCS was to create a uniquely powerful resource for ovarian cancer research, comprising  

  • Biospecimens 
  • Clinical outcome  
  • Epidemiological data

Over 3000 women with ovarian cancer from all Australian states have consented to take part in the study.  

The AOCS Biobank provides researchers access to: 

  • DNA 
  • RNA 
  • Plasma 
  • Serum 
  • fresh-frozen tissue 
  • FFPE blocks  
  • Tissue microarrays (TMAs) 
  • Matched clinical and epidemiological data 

To date, we have approved 145 national and international projects. 

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