ICCon - The Inherited Cancer Connect partnership

Inherited cancer syndromes are individually rare but collectively important as they impose a significant impact on affected families and national health care costs

A collaborative approach is essential to improve targeted cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and research in this group of people and their families. The purpose of the the Inherited Cancer Connect partnership (ICCon) is to: 

  • Provide a cohesive research network for Familial Cancer Centres (FCCs) operating within Australia, transforming their clinical practice into a research resource 

  • Create the mechanism for translating and evaluating research rigidly fixed on outcomes to improve the health of people with a hereditary predisposition to cancer 

  • Create an environment to facilitate research collaborations and train the next generation of familial cancer researchers 

ICCon (Inherited Cancer Connect Partnership) will use a collaborative approach over five years (2013-2017) to specifically address several Research Priorities in the familial cancer field: 

  • Research Priority 1: Develop a national infrastructure to connect the inherited cancer community, including clinicians and researchers 
  • Research Priority 2: Develop a national program to identify people at risk of heritable cancers 
  • Research Priority 3: Improve the accuracy of inherited cancer risk predictions 
  • Research Priority 4: Improve the knowledge of and access to effective cancer risk management strategies by:  
    • National implementation of eviQ guidelines,  
    • Optimisation of medical prevention strategies for cancer 


  • Cancer Council NSW (New South Wales) 

Principal investigator 

  • Associate Professor Gillian Mitchell 

Contact details 

Ms Lyon Mascarenhas 

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Project group 

Project status 

  • Ongoing