Jonathan Granek

It is very rewarding being part of a diverse - yet collaborative - committee that is truly focused on identifying and addressing needs, continuously improving experiences and outcomes, and striving for world class comprehensive cancer care as the standard

Jonathan Granek joined the Peter Mac Community Advisory Committee in 2023 and brings extensive knowledge and experience as a cancer consumer representative, particularly in rare cancers and sarcoma.  

Jonathan is a rare cancer survivor of 12+ years and the Founding Director and Chair of the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation Australia, a patient-led organisation for Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE) - an ultra-rare vascular sarcoma.   

Since 2015 he has volunteered as a consumer representative collaborating with researchers at WEHI, Peter Mac, and other organisations. Jonathan has experience working across common and rare cancer research programs and projects, and has been invited to speak on the importance of cancer, rare cancer, and sarcoma research in various forums. Jonathan is currently also a member of the VCCC Precision Oncology Consumer Reference Group and a mentor for other consumer representatives.  

Jonathan's journey has instilled in him a passion to help develop improvements in cancer control and support for patients and carers, especially for those with rare and less common forms of cancer, and from underrepresented communities more broadly.  

Jonathan's key interests include health equity, genomic medicine, precision oncology, therapeutics development, quality of life outcomes, health economics and big data.  

In the day-to-day, Jonathan Granek enjoys working as a property development and construction advisory consultant and spending time with his wife and two young daughters. 

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