Melanoma and skin cancer information for health professionals

Our Melanoma and Skin Service is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. There have been significant developments in the treatment options for patients with advanced disease. We are at the forefront of the newest agents to control melanoma and skin cancers

The Melanoma and skin cancer service is multidisciplinary and supported by oncologists, radiotherapy oncologists, surgeons, dermatologists, pathologists, specialist nurses and a dedicated administration team. 


The Melanoma and Skin Service runs the following clinics. 

See and Treat Clinic 

Phone: (03) 8559 8059

  • Monday (morning and afternoon) 
  • Tuesday (morning) 
  • Thursday (morning and afternoon) 
  • Friday (morning and afternoon) 

Melanoma Clinic 

  • Thursday (afternoon) 
  • Friday (morning) 

Skin Clinic 

  • Tuesday (morning) 
  • Thursday (afternoon) 

Plastic Breast Reconstruction 

  • Wednesday 

Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic 

  • Friday (morning) 


Like all our tumour streams, the Melanoma and Skin Service is a collaboration with clinical partners, providing coordinated and comprehensive cancer care. 

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