Belinda Parker lab

The Belinda Parker lab also known as the Cancer Metastasis and personalised immunotherapy lab, is focused on dissecting the crosstalk between tumour cells and the microenvironment to uncover biomarkers to predict and target metastatic breast and prostate cancer

The Belinda Parker laboratory explores interactions in the cancer microenvironment that prevent or support tumour invasion and spread (metastasis) to other tissues, including bone. Our overall objective is to uncover new biomarkers (genes/proteins) that predict risk of cancer metastasis and response to therapy and uncover novel precision therapeutic strategies to target the most lethal stages of solid cancer progression at an individual patient level. Our investigations integrate innovative science and pre-clinical research to inform the translation of agents into clinical trial, with a particular focus on immunotherapeutic approaches for metastasis. Key investigative questions:  

  • Can we predict the risk of local and distant cancer relapse in breast and prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis? 

  • Can we prevent tumour cells from spreading by altering the microenvironment through therapeutic means? 

  • Can we induce changes in tumour cells to enhance immunogenicity and impact the immune landscape? 

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