Taking the next step project

The Taking the Next Step program is a transition support program for allied health new graduates and interns. It is an initiative of the Melbourne Metropolitan Multisite Cluster (MMMSC) program, which consists of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the Royal Women's Hospital, the Royal Children's Hospital and the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. It was developed following a significant consultation process involving interviews, surveys and focus groups with several key stakeholders. These stakeholders include directors of allied health, current allied health new graduates, and final year allied health students at each site

The data from the consultation process was presented at a planning day to a group of senior staff from each site who were interested in designing and facilitating the program. This group also reviewed the format and content of the statewide transition program before planning the content, the format, and the scheduling of the Taking the Next Step project. 

Contact details 

Associate Professor Alicia Martin 

Director of Allied Health 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Project group

Cancer Allied Health Research 

Publications and presentations 

  • 2016 Pilot and evaluation of an innovative multisite interprofessional transition support program for allied health graduates; oral abstract presentation at the Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Profession Educators, Perth: Donald KJ, Trainor G, Paisley B, Staikos V, Mancuso C 

  • 2015 Transition Support Program for Allied Health Graduates – All together now!, Poster presentation at 11th National Allied Health Conference, Melbourne: Nicholls R, Donald KJ, Muir L, Feuerlicht D 

  • 2015 Transition support program for allied health graduates - the how and the who. Poster presentation at 11th National Allied Health Conference, Melbourne: Muir L, Donald KJ, Nicholls R, Szucs D.