Starting a new treatment can be challenging and overwhelming. We are here to help by sharing our videos about immunotherapy. Watch them learn about side effects, how to prepare for treatment, and the support you can access

These videos are here to support you as you prepare for your immunotherapy treatment. We created these with patients and several medical professionals. Each video covers important and useful information for you and your family. They may also answer some questions you might have.  

What you need to know

This video supplies general information. Topics include: 

  • How does immunotherapy work? 
  • How is immunotherapy different from other cancer treatments? 
  • How effective is immunotherapy? 
  • How will I know if immunotherapy is working? 
  • How long do people tend to receive immunotherapy for? 


Preparing for Immunotherapy 

Here's a video on what you need to know to prepare for your first day of receiving infusion immunotherapy. Topics include: 

  • What will happen in the hospital when I have treatment? 
  • Will I need to have a blood test? 
  • What can I prepare to make treatment easier on the day? 



This video will help you understand side effects. This includes how to prepare, find and manage side effects. Topics covered are: 

  • Why do side-effects occur? 
  • How will I know if I have a side-effect? 
  • When should I contact my nurse or doctor? 
  • What can I do to cope with side-effects? 


 Immunotherapy and lifestyle 

This video is about how to manage treatment times around daily life. For example, managing treatment times around work and holidays. This video also talks about how to stay fit and healthy throughout treatment. 

  • What are people’s experiences of how their lifestyle was affected? How didn't it affect their lifestyle? 
  • Can I still work or go on holidays? 
  • Should I exercise ? 
  • What should I know about diet, vitamins and other medications? 


Seeking support during immunotherapy 

This video is about seeking support during treatment. It also includes how to involve family and friends during treatment. Topics include: 

  • How can my family and friends get involved? 
  • What support is available? 


Further information 

We developed these videos in partnership with the Cancer Nursing Association of Australia. Mr Ronald Walker AC CBE generously funded them. 

These videos feature patients and their loved ones. They wanted to share their experiences. We hope their support and advice can help you or someone know going through treatment.  

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