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A cancer diagnosis can raise many questions and concerns for young people and their families. Everyone’s experience and circumstances are unique. This is true even for those of the same age, with the same cancer type and treatment. So while we hope you find these resources helpful, remember that your GP (General Practitioner) and treating team are the best sources of information tailored to you.


Resources by the Victorian AYA Cancer Service 

These are resources that we developed with young people and our organisational partners. 

  • A comprehensive resource for young people with a cancer experience about finding and working with GPs. The health relationship you have with your GP is one of the most important you'll ever have. 
  • A resource for young people with a cancer experience who identify as LGBTIQ+. 
  • An online resource for young people with information, videos and podcasts about life after treatment. 


Other resources for young people 


Support services 

Your Victorian AYA Cancer Service team member can help link you in with support services relevant to your personal circumstances. 

  • Each Australian state has a team of health care professionals who specialise in the cancer treatment and care of young people aged 15-25. You can contact them for help and advice (the Victorian AYA Cancer Service is the YCS for Victoria). 
  • Offers a range of services for young people with a cancer experience. This includes personalised education and career support, counselling, peer support and events. 
  • Online community for young people dealing with cancer. 
  • Education and financial grants and aid for up to 12 months after treatment ends. This is for young people aged 18 and under and their families. 
  • Offers a range of free services, including legal, financial and a cancer nurse telephone service. Also has a broader cancer services guide for Victorians affected by cancer. 
  • A range of payments or other benefits may be available for young people and their carers. 
  • Online support and 24/7 telephone crisis and suicide prevention line. 


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