About the PREP-4-RT Program

This is a guide to prehabilitation and preparing for radiotherapy. It is for people with head and neck cancer and their carers

Prep-4-RT is a one-stop-shop guide that links you with reliable information and resources. These focus on how to prepare for radiotherapy. They include information about 

  • how to eat well and get the nutrition you need 

  • how to look after your emotional health while facing challenges 

  • exercises you can do for speech and swallowing 

  • exercise tips for keeping active and strong 

It includes  

  • practical tips 

  • guidance about warning signs to look for 

  • information about when you should ask for help. 

We developed the Prep-4-RT program throughout 2022-23.

The Western & Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Services (WCMICS) supplied funding. 

PREP-4-RT acknowledgements 

We developed this program in partnership with patients, carers and health professionals. Project Steering Committee members also supplied support. This was in collaboration with  

  • our lead site 

  • Bendigo Health  

  • and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.  

We thank and acknowledge the project Steering Committee members:  

  • Shannon Turnbull 

  • Lora Winter 

  • Dr Jacqui Frowen 

  • Wendy Poon 

  • Sharyn McGowan 

  • Associate Professor Karla Gough 

  • Dr David Wiesenfeld 

  • Michael Barton 

  • Professor Mei Krishnasamy 

  • Dr Lachlan McDowell 

  • Dr Hilmy Ismail  

  • Anya Traill. 

As well as:

  • Patients, carers and health professionals that joined the consumer workshops 

  • Patients, carers and health professionals who took part in filming the resource videos 

  • Those that took the time to supply feedback on the pathway 

  • The Peter Mac Nutrition & Speech Pathology Department, Psychosocial Oncology Program and Physiotherapy Department. 

  • Project Leads Jenelle Loeliger and Dr Maria Ftanou 

  • Project Managers Ella Sexton and Hannah Ray. 

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