Allogeneic transplantation

Allogeneic transplantation is when we transplant donor cells. This lets us treat a range of blood conditions

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We perform allogeneic transplantation on selected patients with Leukaemia, Myelodysplasia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, and Aplastic anaemia.

Allogeneic transplantation referrals 

The Allogeneic Transplantation Service works with your main haematologist. This lets us deliver the best transplant choices and care. 

The diagnosis of each patient is different. The role of allogeneic transplantation for your individual situation will also be different. Factors that will help your transplant team decide on the best course of action include: 

  • The nature of your diagnosis 

  • The way that it has responded to treatment so far 

  • Other medical conditions you might have  

  • The type of donor that is available to you

Your transplant specialist discusses treatment options with you. We will also outline each of these factors in detail. It may be that the best course of action is not to go ahead with a transplant. The transplant team will talk with you, your family and your primary haematologist. This will let us arrive at the best course of action. 

We may then decide to go ahead with a transplant. Our transplant coordinator will collaborate with you and your family. They will supply ongoing advice, support, and organise all aspects of your care. 

For stem cell donors 

You may be donating bone marrow or stem cells for a relative. You would then receive independent advice separate from the advice your relative receives. This is very important so that we protect your confidentiality and best interests. 

We may decide to go ahead to testing to see if you are a match and/or we will arrange a donation. Our donor coordinator will work with you and your family. They will supply ongoing advice and support. They will also organise all the aspects of your work-up and donation. 

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