Lower Gastrointestinal cancer

Information for health professionals

Where possible, you should make all Lower Gastrointestinal cancer referrals to a named clinician. If you do not know a specific clinician to refer to, please refer to the colorectal tumour steam director and the referral will be directed appropriately. 

Downloads the Lower Gastrointestinal Referral Guidelines or visit the referrals page for further information 

Peter Mac 

Referrals should be faxed to our patient registration department: 

Fax: (03) 8559 7371 

The Royal Melbourne Hospital 

Fax: (03) 9342 4234 


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 

Tuesday (PM) 

  • Multidisciplinary Clinic 

Wednesday (AM) 

  • Medical Oncology Clinic 

Friday (AM) 

  • Medical Oncology Clinic 

Friday (PM) 

  • Colorectal Surgical Clinic 
  • Nurse led Colorectal Cancer Follow-up Clinic 

The Royal Melbourne Hospital 

Monday (PM) 

  • Colorectal Surgical Clinic 
  • Colorectal Multidisciplinary Meeting 
  • Medical Oncology Clinic 


The Lower Gastrointestinal Service is composed of experts from Peter Mac and the Royal Melbourne Hospital

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