Annual progress reports - Peter Mac ethics

Researchers are required to complete Annual Progress Report forms for each project where they are named as the Coordinating Principal Investigator or Principal Investigator

Annual Progress Reports should be submitted by: 

  • Multi-site ethical review: Sponsor or Coordinating Principal Investigator (or delegate), including the annual progress report information from all sites. 

  • Single site ethical review: Sponsor or Principal Investigator (or delegate) for Peter Mac site. 

Procedure for submitting your annual progress report 

  • We will send the Investigator an Annual Progress Report Form prior to the anniversary month of the ethical approval. For a single site ethical review, we will send the form to our Principal Investigator. For multisite ethical review projects, we will send the form for all sites to the Coordinating Principal Investigator before the ethical approval anniversary month. 

  • You must complete each form fully and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including the Project number and the term ‘Progress Report’ in the subject line of the email. 

  • Failure to submit the report within 30 days (about four and a half weeks) of its receipt may result in the suspension of the project by the Ethics Committee. 

These items will be acknowledged. 

Note: Projects our Ethics Committee approved no longer have an expiry date. Any current expiry date is now invalid. Continued project approval depends on timely submission of the next Annual Progress Report. 



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