Pre-Transplant workup

Your treating team is there for you. They will plan every step of your pre-transplant workup. They will do their best to minimise your stress and provide you with the support that you need

When you first meet your treatment team, they will ask you about your medical history and examine you. You will do some tests to ensure that your organs are fit enough for surgery. You may also need to see other specialists, depending on your circumstance. While we can do many of the tests as part of your Pre-Transplant workup on the same day, some may take longer or need several visits.   

Your treating team will be able to:

  • Tell you of any preparations you need to make beforehand
  • Explain the tests and procedures in detail

Central Venous Access Device (CVAD) 

We may repeat some tests, especially blood tests, throughout the transplant. This will help us see how you are doing. You will also need several intravenous therapies such as: 

  • Fluids 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Antibiotics 
  • Blood and platelet transfusions  
  • The stem cell transplant itself

For these reasons, we insert a central venous access device (CVAD), usually into your chest.  

A CVAD provides us with easy access to your veins. It also means we don't have to insert a needle more than once. Such insertions into the smaller veins in your hand and arms are uncomfortable. A CVAD helps avoid such pain you would otherwise experience. 

Your treating team will help you manage and care for your CVAD. 

Pre-Transplant workup tests and procedures 

Some of the tests and procedures that you are likely to have as part of a pre-transplant work-up are: 

Pre-Transplant workup resources 


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