Planning ahead

We prepare for many important stages in our lives; adulthood, getting married, children being born, milestone birthdays, but many of us do not prepare for the final stage of life .

Organising practical things such as wills, bank accounts, legal documents, even our own funeral, are things that can be prepared for long before we are ill or elderly, but they become very important when end of life is near.

Ways to begin a conversation  

You could say Your questions might be
I would like some help to prepare the practical things about my death, while I am still able toWhat are the most important things that I need to get organised before I die?
I would like to share what I would like to happen after I dieWho can help me with making a will?
I would like to tell you about a family/cultural practice that we would like to be respected at the time of my deathHow do I start planning my funeral?
 What should I do about my social media accounts, access codes and passwords?
 Can I talk with you about being buried or cremated, so you know what I want?  
 Can the social workers at Peter Mac help me with some of the financial things that I need to do?