Children's cancers treatment and support

It can be a very distressing time when a child receives a cancer diagnosis

Cancer Education
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We treat children's cancers in children from across Australia. We place you at the centre of our work. Your specialist will find out where your child’s cancer started (what type of cell) and if it has spread.  

Our experts treat more than 100 children with radiotherapy per year. We deliver treatment in an outpatient setting. About six to 12 children stay in the hospital each year.  

We have ultramodern radiation therapy. We also supply ongoing education and support for paediatric patients. This extends to their families, and carers throughout treatment. 

While in our care, patients, their families, and carers will interact with: 

  • radiation oncologists  

  • medical staff 

  • nurse coordinators 

  • radiation therapists 

  • music therapists and

  • social workers. 

There are different types of children’s cancers and related diseases. Our treatment for each is different. Your treatment plan will depend on: 

  • the type of cancer or disease (what cell it started in) 

  • if it has spread and how far 

  • your general health and wellbeing 

  • your family’s needs. 

Enhancing your care 

Our children’s cancer specialists will work with you to assess your child’s condition. They will plan and deliver the most effective care and treatment.  

Your care plan will be custom-made to treat your child’s specific cancer. It will also be customised to the needs most important to your family. We will discuss the service with you. We will then deliver the best possible service for your child and your family. 

Living with children's cancers

We know how hard cancer and treatment can be on children, their parents, and loved ones. It will disrupt and change every member of a family's lifestyle. It is common for families to struggle during this time. There may be ongoing concerns about cancer and therapy. There are many expert groups available. These groups can support children and their families through this time, including: 

Resources for children, parents, and families 

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