Research project submission dates and fees

Submission fees 

We shall charge fees for the ethical review of submissions to our Ethics Committee in accordance with the fee schedule in GUIDELINE005 Ethical Review and Site Assessment Fees.

We only charge governance review fees for projects ethically approved by an external HREC (Human Research Ethics Committee) for the Peter Mac site. 

We apply fees multisite ethical review or single site ethical review of research projects. 

We invoice fees after receipt of the submission. All fees include GST (Goods and Services Tax). 

Submission dates 

Projects for ethical review 

2023 HREC Calendar: submission and meeting dates

2024 HREC Calendar: submission and meeting dates  

We advise researchers to consult the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Ethics Committee Secretariat website prior to submission: for new projects see Submitting a New Project: Ethical Review; for Amendments see: Project Amendments. 

Projects for governance only review 

You can submit projects for governance review only at any time.  


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