Melanoma Research Victoria (MRV)

Melanoma Research Victoria is a collaborative clinical cohort designed to facilitate melanoma research. MRV’s mission is to improve outcomes for melanoma patients through supporting research using data, biospecimens and the collaborative power of participants with lived melanoma experience

Melanoma Research Victoria began in 2010 and was originally known as the Melbourne Melanoma Project. Professor Grant McArthur AO is the Chief Investigator of the multisite project. Over 3600 patients have enrolled in the MRV study and provided clinical data and >56,000 biospecimens. MRV also collects Quality of Life data, Medicare (MBS) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Data. These resources have supported over 90 research projects and >200 publications.

MRV embraced consumer engagement from its outset and has two experience consumer groups ready to assist researchers with project reviews and or project involvement.

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