Aggressive lymphoma information for health professionals

The Aggressive Lymphoma Service includes specialist haematologists, radiation oncologists haematology nurse coordinators and nurse practitioners

We look after patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, mantle cell lymphoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma and cell lymphoma. We also have a highly specialised, Australian-exclusive skin lymphoma clinic. Members of our consultant team are involved in international reference groups that drive treatment trends for aggressive lymphoma and have been leaders in clinical and bench-top research. This research has brought highly active new anti-lymphoma drugs to the clinic and refined our understanding of how best to apply radiotherapy. 

We are developing new diagnostic platforms with the molecular haematology department to improve the way we diagnose and track lymphoid malignancy. The service provides a thorough clinical trials program covering the spectrum of the diseases we treat and has been successful in translating discoveries from the research bench to the clinic. Our mission is to support our patients through this challenging time in their lives and provide the highest quality of care and the best outcomes for their lymphoma. 

Aggressive lymphoma referrals 

You can refer directly to the aggressive lymphoma team by contacting the individuals listed on this page. For more information on referring to haematology or if you are unsure of which part of the haematology service to visit our Refer a patient webpage and review the referral guidelines. 


Our main lymphoma clinic runs all day on Wednesday and Friday morning. The skin lymphoma meeting runs in collaboration with the dermatology team and St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne. 


The Aggressive Lymphoma Service is part of Clinical Haematology we have formed with the Royal Melbourne Hospital. 


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