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We run Nutrition and dietetics focused events and seminars for patients and carers, and health professionals, including Talking about the ‘C’ word.

Talking about the ‘C’ word 

This event is targeted at dietitians, student dietitians and health professionals. It is particularly useful for those who work in or want to know more about oncology and nutrition. We hold it every second year at our Parkville campus in Melbourne. It is a full-day event. It includes presentations exploring various aspects of cancer and nutrition. It also supplies an update on current research, practice, and topics of interest.

  • Past event: 15 Sept 2023 (‘From diagnosis to survivorship’)
  • Next event: Sept 2025 (date to be confirmed)

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Nutrition Webinar: Listen Hear Talk: Having supportive conversations in oncology 

Our psychology team developed this online seminar. It aims to improve understanding of the distress cancer patients are going through. It also looks at how dietitians can support them with enhanced communication skills. It is a useful resource for those new to and experienced with oncology. It helps with maximising communication benefits from patient interactions. 

  • Session 1: Distress in Cancer Patients and Common Psychological Presentations 
  • Session 2: Counselling Micro Skills and Enhancing Communication 
  • Session 3: Discussion Panel: Having Difficult Conversations 

VCMC (Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative) Community of Practice 

The Community of Practice event is a free bi-annual forum. It targets health professionals with an interest in cancer malnutrition. It lets participants share their practice. They also get to deepen their knowledge of cancer nutrition care. It explores information provision for patients, carers, and health professionals. The event includes a professional development session on topics of interest and relevance. It also supplies updates on the current VCMC projects. Networking opportunities are also available. 

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Food For Thought 

This event is for patients and their families who have an interest in nutrition and healthy food. We run it each month in the Wellbeing Centre at our Parkville campus in Melbourne. 

Visit the Food for Thought webpage for more information

Guest Chef 

The annual guest chef day helps patients rediscover their passion for nutritious food. This is beneficial both during and after their cancer treatment. Patients receive a healthy and wholesome meal from one of Melbourne’s leading chefs. 

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