Cancer Education

Many women experience menopausal symptoms after cancer treatment.

Symptoms of menopause can include hot flushes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, fatigue and anxiety. They can also include reduced libido and fertility. Symptoms can be temporary or permanent and can affect your quality of life.

Information for cancer survivors and their carers 



Clinical services at Peter Mac Melbourne campus 

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Other clinical services in the Parkville precinct 

The following services are available to patients of the Parkville precinct. The precinct includes the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Women’s Hospital. Peter Mac is also part of the Parkville precinct. Please speak with your oncology team if you are being treated elsewhere. You may have different clinical service options.

  • The Royal Women’s Hospital: Menopause symptoms after cancer clinic (MSAC). This clinic offers advice on medical therapies to help ease menopausal symptoms. It also provides information on lifestyle factors such as exercise, nutrition, sexual counselling, and fertility after cancer treatment.