Clinical research

We are committed to linking patient care with cancer research. Our clinical researchers use observations from the clinic to plan their research directions with patients in mind. 

Clinical trials gather more information about how effective an intervention is for humans. As a research-based public cancer hospital, they are an important part of our work. Clinical research at Peter Mac is such that we often have more than 200 cancer clinical trials active. Clinical trials prospectively assign humans to one or more health-related interventions, so that we can evaluate their effects on health outcomes. 

They can involve the testing of Surgical and medical treatments and procedures; Experimental drugs and diagnostics; Biological products; Medical devices; Health-related service changes; Health-related preventative strategies; and Health-related educational interventions.

Our clinical researchers use innovative approaches to evaluate responses to clinical trial interventions. We do this safely, and in close collaboration with our research labs. Our research leaders are world-renowned, and many of them also treat people with cancer. This means they can challenge conventional thinking and guide us in the pursuit of safer, gentler, and more effective cancer treatments. 

Our research incorporates the 'International Committee on Harmonisation – Good Clinical Practice' guidelines and complies with the:

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