Associate Professor Kate Burbury

 Executive Director, Digital Healthcare Innovation

Associate Professor Kate Burbury is a consultant haematologist, clinician-researcher and Executive Director of Digital and Healthcare Innovations at Peter Mac. Prior to moving to executive role, she was lead clinician for MPN/CML, as well as the haemostasis/thrombosis and peri-procedural optimisation, including prehabilitation.

Associate Professor Burbury is a leading digital health expert which has translated to strategy development, collaborative capacity building, workforce development and a data/digital vehicle pipeline. Her clinical and research program generates multidisciplinary and multimodality collaborations to ensure strategy and focus are directed to key priority health areas, “gaps” in cancer care delivery and translation of scientific discovery and developments into the clinic. She is involved in the development of expert guidelines and governance structures both for the institution as well national and international expert groups; and has published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts, as well as being a member of the editorial board and an invited reviewer for numerous journals. She has an extensive list of presented abstracts, as well as an invited expert speaker at national and international scientific meetings. 

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