Allied Health careers

Peter Mac's Allied Health professionals are a vital part of every treating team


As one of our Allied Health professionals, you will have opportunities to work across the full cancer pathway - from diagnosis through to survivorship or palliative and bereavement care. You will work with all cancer types, and in all settings, including specialised areas.

Our cancer services include:

  • Nutrition and dietetics 
  • Pastoral care 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Speech pathology 
  • Music therapy  
  • Exercise physiology

Our teams work with patients, families, and carers to focus on their needs beyond the cancer diagnosis. You'll get to utilise holistic, psychosocial, and spiritual approaches. 

Ours teams are multidisciplinary, following a multidisciplinary model. You'll take part in internal meetings, family meetings and clinics. 

We will provide you with a supportive learning environment with opportunities to: 

  • Specialise in access supervision 
  • Develop a high level of specialist knowledge and skills  
  • Become a leader in your discipline

You'll also have access to our state, national and international partners. 

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