Access to patient information

Release of information to Patients and Healthcare Providers, Freedom of Information (FOI) and Subpoenas or Summons

Release of Information for Ongoing Care – Patients and Healthcare Providers  

Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute (Peter Mac) receives requests for various documents, including discharge summaries, operations, and pathology and radiology results.   

Peter Mac receives requests for all Sites (Bendigo, Box Hill, Moorabbin, Sunshine, and Parkville) via its Health Services Information team. 

Child and Family Violence Information Sharing Schemes (CISS & FVISS)

If you are an Information Sharing Entity (ISE) or Risk Assessment Entity (RAE) you can request information under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) or Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS).  If you are requesting information under one or both of these schemes, complete the Information request form and email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note this email address is only for external organisations requesting information relating to the FVISS or CISS and not for any other requests for health information.   

Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests 

Every person has a right to access documents of a public agency unless the request relates to an exempt document (section 13 of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)) 

Subpoenas or Summons 

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