Palliative care frequently asked questions

This page features answers to often asked questions. These include whether palliative care is the same as end-of-life care. It explains who palliative care is for and where you can have palliative care. It also explains how you can get palliative care

One of the roles of the Palliative Care team is end of life care. This is care of a person and family when the person is dying in the next few days or weeks. But palliative care is broader than end of life care. We work with patients who are not actively dying and families to control symptoms. These symptoms include pain, nausea or breathlessness and many others. Palliative care is available whether treatment of the disease is still taking place, or after it has been stopped. It can include end of life care, but it is not the same as end of life care.  

We also supply advice on decision making and treatment choices. We support keeping you out of hospital and at home if that is where you want to be. 

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