The National Cancer Cohort Platform (NCCP) Project

Optimising real-world data use to drive cancer care delivery and research

In collaboration with BioGrid Australia, the Department of Health Services Research at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the VCCC Alliance, the NCCP Project involves a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, consumers, and researchers to establish a new research infrastructure that will set a standard in collaborative, large-scale health research.

Professor Karin Thursky, the Associate Director of Health Services Research and Principal Investigator of the NCCP Project explains that “the National Cancer Cohort Platform will be a significant Australian digital asset that will bring together several influential national cancer cohort studies into one location, including linkages to biospecimen repositories, and familial pedigrees.”

Cohorts involved include KConFab, Lifepool, Melanoma Research Victoria, Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, and Variants in Practice (ViP) Study, whose large databases of patient information, biospecimens, prior research, and other data will be brought together to a common location to enable more expansive research projects.


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An Overview of the Project

Principal Investigators Professor Karin Thursky and Associate Professor Ashley Ng, along with Communications Manager Jodie Kirkland provide a project management overview in the short video below. You will hear insights from Cohort representatives Associate Professor Heather Thorne OAM (kConFab), Lisa Devereux (LifePool), Nadia Traficante (AOCS), and Kristy Barnes-Cullen (MRV), discussing the project's value from a cohort perspective.

On 9 May 2024, a project launch event brought together an audience of key stakeholders and members of the cohort community who were treated to an overview of the project from several perspectives, as well as an engaging panel discussion with the cohort managers to conclude. Please view the video below.


  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 


  • The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

Principal investigator 

Professor Karin Thursky

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