Meditation Soundtrack

Meditation can play a useful role for all people. This is even more so for people coping with cancer and life-threatening illnesses

Meditation helps with being in the present moment. It is a practice of making things real. Do not practise while driving or operating machinery. The disciplined practice of living in stillness can lead to seeing new pathways. It can enable new choices for action that you might not have seen before the practice of stillness. 

Meditation: A place of peace 

An hour of relaxation, stillness, meditation, and visual imagery. Below are four music tracks from Meditation: A place of peace. Our Spiritual Care Department have made this recording. It makes a meditation session suitable for a beginner and a practiced meditator. 

Track 1:

Introduction to the session. Attention to:  

  • Posture 
  • Comfort 
  • Being present to your immediate surroundings  
  • Your physical body

Track 2:

Two exercises:  

  1. To provide you with a sense of grounding and support 
  2. To relax and to release physical tightness and tension 

Track 3:

Mindful or stillness meditation. Guidance in using the breath, use a mantra or simple prayer. The practice of quiet mind skills to build peace within. Periods of silence with the sound of bells. 

Track 4:

White light meditation. Imagery can give a profound spiritual experience. It’s one of the ways to activate one's spiritual life. It can act as a link between spirit, consciousness, and matter. Seeing yourself as a body of light can help you feel clarity, joy, or peace. 

Meditation: A place of peace contributors 

  • Words: Helen McCallum 
  • Music: Veronica Westcott-Kirsch, Mary Knights-Rutten 
  • Art: Ray Higgs 
  • Pastoral Care Department: David Dawes, Helen McCallum, Paula Donnoli, Ray Higgs 
  • Recording studio: Move records - 

We would like to thank Alice Harris. Thanks to Alice’s has generous donation, we were able to produce this CD. Thank you to all the meditators and for requesting this recording. 

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