Cancer Education

We have developed these videos in partnership with patients and carers

Cancer Education
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These Cancer education videos help you understand what cancer is, what might happen in a cancer journey, how to access our services and support, ways to support your mental health, and support for carers.

Hear stories from our patients and carers. They share their experiences and things they have learned during their cancer journey. Such stories might help you. 

What is cancer? 

This video will help you to understand new terminology, what cancer is, how it starts and how it’s treated. 

Navigating and finding your way 

This video will help you to understand:

  • What might happen first in the cancer journey 
  • Who can help you 
  • Who is in your treating team  
  • Where to access information and support 

Supporting your mental health 

This video includes:  

  • Some of the challenges you may face when diagnosed with cancer 
  • Strategies and support services to help you 

Supporting the carer 

This video includes information for carers, including:  

  • What might help you care for someone with cancer 
  • How to care for yourself 
  • Supports available  
  • Where to connect with other carers 

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