Malnutrition governance toolkit

This project aims to review and update the Malnutrition Governance Toolkit

The Malnutrition Governance Toolkit was developed in 2014 within Phase II of the VCMC (Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative) program of work. A project to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and to support its implementation was undertaken in 2016-2017, that demonstrated the Toolkit was highly regarded within health services and a benchmarking pilot of two common malnutrition indicators was completed. The Malnutrition Governance Toolkit refresh project conducted throughout 2023-2024 has further updated and refreshed this resource. The Toolkit more closely represents contemporary clinical practice, includes relevant content for community health providers in addition to hospitals and is designed to better meet the needs of end-users. The Toolkit has shown to have high acceptability and useability to health professionals from acute and community health service settings.

Access the Full Toolkit

Please refer to relevant content within the Full Toolkit for context and the following templates for use (toolkit appendices):

Project timeline: July 2023 – May 2024

Malnutrition governance toolkit sponsor 

Peter Mac 


Victorian Government 


Rebecca McIntosh, Project Lead

Jenelle Loeliger, Project Oversight