Peter Mac is committed to linking patient care with cancer research. Our clinical researchers take their observations from the clinic and plan their research directions with patients in mind, across all tumour types and services.

Peter Mac's comprehensive and internationally renowned cancer laboratories seek fundamental biological and biomedical discoveries, and aim to facilitate the development and application of these discoveries to their full therapeutic potential.

In this section you can learn more about our research departments and the facilities that enable us to conduct world-leading cancer research right here in Victoria.

Peter Mac is home to many large group studies, collecting biospecimens (such as blood samples) and survey data from people with cancer to build large open-access resources for innovative research projects.

Peter Mac is Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer and is home to Australia’s largest cancer research group. Our commitment to research is based on the belief that treatment informed by research, and research informed by treatment, is the key to progressing better cancer care.

Dedicated research is the key to better treatments, care and cures for cancer.

We rely on donations from people like you to fund the state-of-the-art technologies and resources our researchers need to discover cancer cures, and to develop more effective treatments and patient centred supportive care resources.

We offer a range of opportunities for collaborative or contract research and development. Speak to the Technology Transfer Office at Peter Mac to see how we can help.

Our publications provide more detailed information about our research, the quality of our care, our financial and operational outcomes, and how we meet our obligations to the Victorian people.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre’s Strategic Plan for Research 2015-2020.

With strong links to local and international universities and research institutes, our research education program provides a training and support framework for the academic and professional development of our staff and students, and internship and placement opportunities for university and school...