Ricky Johnstone lab

The Ricky Johnstone lab, also known as the Gene Regulation Lab, aims to make paradigm-changing discoveries of the processes and pathways that underpin epigenetic and transcriptional de-regulation in cancer and advance our understanding of the epigenetic control of T cell function and anti-tumour immunity

The Ricky Johnstone lab utilises and integrates advanced genomics technologies including CRISPR-based gene editing and genome-wide sequencing analysis, state-of-the art cell and molecular biology techniques and systems and physiologically relevant pre-clinical models to address fundamentally important questions in oncology.  We direct our research along a translational pathway that fully integrates fundamental cancer and immunological research, pre-clinical development and testing of novel therapeutic regimes and, in collaboration with our clinical colleagues at Peter Mac, the initiation of new clinical trials using agents under investigation in the lab. We strive to understand how transcription factors and chromatin modulators regulate gene expression, how aberrant transcription can drive tumour development and progression and how this information might be used to develop rational therapeutic strategies.  In addition, we determine how tumours evade the host immune system and how immune cells are epigenetically and transcriptionally programmed to drive anti-tumour immunity.

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