Cancer related fatigue

Fatigue is very common among cancer survivors. Fatigue is excessive tiredness, which is unlike the day-to-day tiredness a busy person may feel. Learning how to cope with cancer related fatigue can help people find a better quality of life.

Clinical services at Peter Mac Parkville 

  • Wellbeing Centre Group program: Let’s talk about fatigue. This session explores fatigue experiences and offers some simple strategies to help you cope with fatigue in everyday life. 
  • Occupational therapy services Occupational therapists can help you maximise independence, safety, comfort and personal satisfaction and, in doing so, improve your sense of well-being and quality of life. 
  • Physiotherapy services Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can assist with mobility and physical function before, during and after cancer treatment
  • Optimisation clinic This multidisciplinary outpatient clinic is for cancer survivors with complex needs.

Other clinical services in the Parkville precinct 

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Guidance documents

Information for cancer survivors and their families

Additional resources for health professionals


  • NEW energy: Implementing guidelines for cancer related fatigue at Peter Mac (current)

Principal Investigator: Dr Elizabeth Pearson

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