Wellbeing Centre

The Wellbeing Centre is located on Level 1 of the VCCC building. This space was developed with assistance of and in collaboration with Maggies Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust of the United Kingdom.

Due to COVID-19, our Wellbeing Centre is currently closed.  This is a temporary measure for the safety of our patients and families.

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"The Wellbeing Centre is a sanctuary for our patients, their families and carers. A gathering place that is open, accepting and welcoming for all. It is a place to relax, to get emotional and practical support and complementary wellbeing therapies. We hope to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone who enters the wellbeing space."


  • A ‘patient controlled space’. It is a sanctuary from treatment and the stresses associated with having cancer. Services and information which provide emotional and physical support can be ‘pulled’ by the patient (rather than ‘pushed’ by the provider.)
  • A gathering place where patients and their families and carers can come together and meet on their terms and on their issues.
  • A place that is conducive to relaxation and where one’s sense of emotional and physical wellbeing is enhanced.

The model and services provided in The Wellbeing Centre is being developed in consultation and partnership with consumers and the community.


  • Complimentary tea, coffee and light refreshments
  • Comfortable seating
  • Family room
  • Quiet spaces
  • Sleep pods and recliner chairs that helps you relax.
  • Computers, iPads and charging stations
  • Books, magazines and daily newspapers
  • Board games, puzzles and colouring
  • Outdoor garden space
  • Volunteer support


The Wellbeing Centre

Level 1, 1C
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
305 Grattan Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


Geraldine McDonald
Director, Prevention & Wellbeing
Phone: (03) 8559 6265

Esther Lim
Manager Wellbeing and Peer Support
Phone: (03) 8559 6260
E-mail: [email protected]