Physiotherapy addresses functional decline before, during and after cancer treatment.

Before treatment our focus is usually on improving fitness prior to prolonged or risky treatment. During treatment our focus is on early recovery and return to normal functioning. After treatment we normally guide and support people in the recovery process, focusing on self-management and community linkages. Maintaining independence and improving physical functioning are important for maximising recovery. In some cases where recovery is delayed or not possible, physiotherapy can help target specific problem areas, assist with symptom management or advise on strategies to manage long term changes.

Physiotherapy services at Peter Mac

Peter Mac offers specialist physiotherapy services for patients including:

  • providing exercises and walking aids, balance and mobility training and stretching programs
  • early mobilisation and prevention of complications after surgery
  • cardiorespiratory care
  • management of functional decline and risk reduction
  • lymphoedema screening and education
  • advice on self-management of chronic, cancer-related conditions
  • end-of-life support and palliation (such as discharge planning, family education and training, symptom management)
  • liaison and consultation with external supports for ongoing care and rehabilitation
  • group exercise activities

Referral information

If you require physiotherapy, your treating team will organise a referral for you.

Visit our referrals page for more information.



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