Survivorship education

The Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre (ACSC) supports professional development and learning opportunities for all healthcare professionals who care for cancer survivors.

Our professional development program promotes care that is evidenced-based, multidisciplinary and delivered in the appropriate setting.

ACSC coordinates professional development opportunities through a range of education and research forums, in-services and tailored programs (including clinical placements and site visits).Programs are open to Victorian, national and international professionals.


ACSC's Cancer Survivorship Course on eviQ is an introductory online learning package for health professionals. The package offers up-to-date, evidence-based practical tools, tips and resources designed to help you improve care for people affected by cancer. The e-learning package was developed by ACSC in collaboration with Peter Mac, the University of Sydney, the Queensland University of Technology and national survivorship experts.

The VCCC MOOC online survivorship course is for primary practitioners including general practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals. This course will explore the importance of cancer survivorship and show you how to provide effective survivorship care.

Health After Cancer is an online course by Standford Medicine (US) for primary care physicians. It presents basic principles of cancer survivorship and aims to raise awareness of the complex physical and psychosocial needs of cancer survivors. 


ACSC collaborates with many leading organisations to deliver survivorship-related webinars. You can watch previous webinar recordings here.

The important role of primary care in follow-up for cancer survivors

ACSC, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) delivered a webinar on the importance of primary care in follow up for cancer survivors. This webinar covers:

  • key features of the cancer survivorship experience and the role of primary care
  • common issues experienced in the survivorship phase and the need for personalised survivorship care
  • using tools/team care arrangements and coordinated care
  • evidence-based tools and resources to support specific work with cancer survivors

Watch the recorded session from 30 June 2020 here

For resources referred to in this webinar access here.

The important role allied health plays in the care of cancer patients’ post-treatment – an interactive case review

ACSC, the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) and Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) delivered a webinar on the important role allied health plays in the care of cancer patients post-treatment. This webinar included an interactive case review of Meg Rynderman's story and covered topics such as:

  • defining cancer survivorship
  • key features of the cancer survivorship experience
  • unmet needs, common issues and treatment-related side effects
  • understanding how cancer treatment side effects may alter allied health screening, intervention and management.
  • common psychosocial issues and the role of clinical psychology

Watch the recorded session from 6 August 2020 here:

For resources referred to in this webinar access here.

APNA webinar: Cancer and it's care: for primary health care nurses.

The aim of this webinar is to increase primary health care nurses' knowledge about cancer and it's care, including understanding strategies to support patients' post-treatment. Access the recorded webinar, register your details under Register Today, enter your email address in the login bar, then select Join. 


The Delivering Innovative Cancer Survivorship Care workshop is open to all nursing and allied health professionals. It provides participants with key knowledge, skills and resources for implementing cancer survivorship care into practice. The program covers the key elements of survivorship, the common experiences of cancer survivors, motivational interviewing techniques, chronic disease management in primary care, tools/resources and group work to reinforce new skills. Introductory and intermediate sessions are available.

For more information please go to our Health Professionals events page or contact ACSC at [email protected].


ACSC offers in-service education to Peter Mac departments to help up-skill teams and support development of enhanced survivorship care in their unit. For more information contact ACSC at [email protected]

The ACSC regularly hosts interstate and international visitors seeking tailored advice regarding developing or expanding their survivorship initiatives. For more information contact ACSC Manager, Helana Kelly.


The Cancer Survivorship Community of Practice provides a forum for people who share a passion for cancer survivorship. Through regular events and an online collaborative workspace, the community of practice shares evidence-based resources and findings, and promotes partnerships to develop sustainable service design.


The 3rd Victorian Cancer Survivorship Conference was a great success. Co-hosted by the ACSC with the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, we welcomed almost 200 local and international delegates.

The conference theme, ‘A 2020 Vision – Building on learnings, partnering for success’, acknowledges significant progress in research and practice improvement, anticipates the next steps and recognises the importance of broad partnerships to achieve optimal outcomes for cancer survivors. 

The two-day conference included a strong line-up of local and international speakers who shared their outstanding work. Invited speakers included Anton Enus, Prof Deborah K Mayer, Prof Adam Glaser and  Prof Afaf Girgis AM. 

The important work of the ACSC and our collaborators was showcased throughout the conference with presentations from Professor Michael Jefford, Dr Karolina Lisy, Helana Kelly, Amanda Piper, Nicole Kinnane, Dr Victoria Garwood, Suzannah Roushdy, Dr Claudia Zeneca Morales and Yunhui (Cherry) Liang.

It was positive to see so much qualit​y work to improve the standard of care for cancer survivors featured throughout the conference. We congratulate the winners of the conference awards:

  • Best Student Presentation – Dr Victoria Garwood
  • Best Oral Presentation – Nathan Harrison
  • Best Poster Presentation – Paula Howell

Conference delegates were highly entertained by the great debate. The panel discussion reflected on ‘Taking charge. People living with and beyond cancer must manage their own healthcare needs’.  We saw the return of seasoned debaters Prof Jon Emery and Prof Bogda Koczwara. Joining Prof Emery in the affirmative team were Prof Deborah Mayer and Dr Marcus Grzechnik (consumer representative). Joining Prof Koczwara in the opposing team were Prof Grant McArthur and Meg Rynderman (ACSC consumer representative).

Further details can be found at the 3rd Victorian Cancer Survivorship Conference.  The 4th Victorian Cancer Survivorship Conference will be held in 2022.


General practice coordinates and provides holistic care to cancer survivors. The Clinical Placement Program in Cancer Survivorship aims to improve access to quality cancer survivorship care through enhancing capacity of primary care professionals (including GPs, practice nurses and community based allied health professionals) to deliver appropriate services and information.

The program was first established at Peter Mac as a pilot in 2015 by the ACSC with support from the Department of Health and Human Services. The pilot was then extended to a number of other hospitals. Evaluation of the pilots found that the placement program was clinically valuable for participants, and identified enablers to support shared care. The extended pilot also demonstrated the program was feasible to deliver across multiple sites

Based on the learnings and success of the previous pilots, the 2017- 2019 program was offered to over 7 sites across Victoria in metro and regional areas.

The program enhanced primary care professionals' knowledge and confidence regarding cancer survivorship care and improved understanding of the discipline-specific roles required for shared care. This was achieved through participation in a 7-10 hour clinical placement enhanced by blended learning educational sessions. Partner hospitals included: Peter Mac, Royal Women’s Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Health, Western Health, St Vincent's Hospital and South West healthcare offering placements in 2018. 

The third Clinical Placement Program in Cancer Survivorship is now complete. A final report was submitted to Department of Health for review.

 If you would like any information regarding this program, please contact the ACSC at [email protected].

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