Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) is the use of x-ray images taken immediately before, during or after your radiation therapy treatment session to improve the accuracy and precision of treatment.

What is IGRT used for?

IGRT may be used in conjunction with many of the radiation therapy treatments we can provide including:

IGRT may be used during radiation therapy to any part of the body. IGRT is used most commonly for areas of the body prone to movement, such as the lungs or prostate, and those located close to sensitive organs, such as cancers in the head and neck area.

What does IGRT mean for you?

The machines that deliver the radiation therapy (linear accelerators) have specialised equipment built in to take high-quality x-ray images. This allows images to be taken while you are positioned on the radiation therapy treatment couch. Images can be taken immediately before, during or after treatment. These images are compared with the images that were taken to plan your radiation therapy treatment. By comparing the treatment images to the planning images, we are able to make millimetre adjustments to the position of the treatment beams to ensure that treatment is being delivered precisely.

The IGRT team

IGRT can be delivered at all five of our Peter Mac radiation therapy sites: Melbourne, Bendigo, Box Hill, Moorabbin and Sunshine.

A team of specialists are required to deliver IGRT, including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and medical physicists. You will also be supported by a range of other professionals including nurses and allied health practitioners. The Peter Mac radiation therapy team is proud to offer this treatment, and we are dedicated to developing and progressing treatment options for the people of Victoria.

Please speak with your doctor to determine if IGRT is the appropriate treatment choice for you.