Familial Cancer Centre

Familial cancer services and research aim to reduce the morbidity and mortality of cancers associated with an inherited genetic cause.

About Peter Mac’s Familial Cancer Centre

Peter Mac’s Familial Cancer Centre is a comprehensive cancer genetics centre, offering cancer risk assessment, genetic counselling, genetic testing, and medical advice and management, as well as psychological support to individuals and their family members who have concerns about their personal and or family history of cancer.

If you have a strong family history of cancer or have concerns about genetic risk, you may contact the centre directly or seek a referral.

A familial cancer consultation will involve:

  • accurate data collection of your family history
  • you being provided with information about genetics and inheritance
  • genetic testing (where appropriate)
  • calculation of your cancer risk based on your family history and/or genetic test results
  • your risks being communicated and explained to you
  • exploring any psychosocial issues
  • recommending strategies for cancer screening, early detection and/or prevention
  • provision of cancer risk management.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for patients attending the Familial Cancer Centre.

The Familial Cancer Centre provides services from Peter Mac’s Melbourne, VCCC site and at Peter Mac at Box Hill and Bendigo.

Contacting the centre will also enable participation in genetic research studies, including projects looking for new cancer predisposition genes, or participate in large research studies such as the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, Lifepool and kConFab.

Referral information

Those patients who self-book will be required to obtain a medical referral for an appointment at the Familial Cancer Centre prior to their first appointment. You can self book by contacting the Familial Cancer Centre by phone.

Medical practitioners wishing to refer a patient to the Familial Cancer Centre can do so by:

  • faxing a letter of referral to (03) 8559 5329
  • calling (03)8559 5322

Those with appointments will be asked to complete and return a family history questionnaire and an individual medical history form before attending the clinic to assist with initial assessment and advice.

Visit the referrals page for more information


Familial Cancer Centre

Level 1, Peter MacCallum

305 Grattan Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


Familial Cancer Centre

Phone: 03 8559 5322

Fax: 03 8559 5329