Cultural adaptation of the MST project


To translate and culturally adapt the Malnutrition Screening Tool (MST) and other resources into the top 10 preferred languages other than English for patients and establish feasibility and clinical utility of these translated resources. 


This project will translate the commonly used MST (and associated fact sheet for consumers) into Victoria’s top 10 preferred languages other than English. These resources will be available asan electronic version with links to audio files.This will help to support resources being available that are culturally appropriate, comprehended by oncology patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and able to be used effectively in clinical practice. 

See the Malnutrition Screening Toolpage for access to the tool.

Project timeline: Oct 2018-Dec 2019


Peter Mac


Western & Central Integrated Cancer Services, Victoria


Jane Stewart, Project Manager

[email protected]

Emma McKie, Project Officer

[email protected]

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