Malnutrition Governance Toolkit


This project aims to review and update the Malnutrition Governance Toolkit.


The Malnutrition Governance Toolkit was developed in 2014 within Phase II of the VCMC program of work. A project to evaluate the program’s effectiveness and to support its implementation was undertaken in 2016-17, that demonstrated the Toolkit was highly regarded within health services and a benchmarking pilot of two common malnutrition indicators was completed. Investigation into work and funding required to update the Toolkit are underway.

The Malnutrition Governance Toolkit can be found here.

Once the scope of the work and funding are secured, this project would aim to review and update the Malnutrition governance toolkit through key stakeholder feedback, incorporating findings of previous VCMC work project (specifically around the Second Edition of the NSQHS standards and the addition of a primary care/community chapter), and ensure appropriate sustainability plans are put in place.

Project timeline: TBC 






Rebecca McIntosh, Project Lead, St Vincent’s Health

For more information, please contact [email protected]