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The Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative (VCMC) program of work is a state wide collaboration led by Peter Mac.

The VCMC team
The VCMC team

The VCMC program of work aims to increase understanding and knowledge, and promote strategies for action in order to address cancer malnutrition. This program of work is proudly supported by the Victorian Government, Peter Mac and Western Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Services. 


The VCMC community is made of our lead team based at Peter Mac, dietitians from around Victoria working in cancer care, cancer consumers, health professionals, community organisations and policy makers – all working together to educate, engage and improve the care, systems and information provided to people with cancer and their supports.  


Nutrition is important for all people with cancer regardless of diagnosis, treatment type or timing in the cancer pathway. Cancer malnutrition is common in people with cancer, but should not be considered an expected side effect of cancer. Malnutrition should be prevented at all stages of the cancer journey as it can cause problems such as:

  • An increase in the side effects from treatment; the chance of infection; time spent in hospital; and muscle strength.
  • A decrease in muscle strength; how well treatment works; how well your immune system works; wound healing.





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Community of Practice

The bi-annual Community of Practice event provides a forum for participants to interact, share their practice and deepen their knowledge of nutrition care in cancer. This will help to assist in guiding state-wide nutrition projects. Our next Community of Practice forum is scheduled for October 27th, 2021, and is run as a virtual event. The focus for the October Community of Practice will be to hear from two consumers who have been involved in the co-design process for the iCanEAT pathway project. Partnering with consumers in the development and evaluation of services vastly improves their quality, relevance and public confidence, and is a requirement of the National Standards. 

For invitation details and to sign up for this event, please click here or alternatively, contact: [email protected] 

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