The Division of Cancer Surgery incorporates The Departments of Surgical Oncology, Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, and The Perioperative Service.

Haematologists at Peter Mac use a range of specialised treatments and treatment plans to treat blood cancers.

Peter Mac provides a precinct wide Medical Oncology service.

Radiation therapy is a form of cancer treatment that uses radiation (x-rays).

Peter Mac's Allied Health professionals form a vital part of the treating team and help patients with many aspects of their health and lives following a cancer diagnosis.

The Psychosocial Oncology Program is a multidisciplinary team of clinical psychologists, social workers, psychiatric consultation-liaison nurses (PCLN) and psychiatrists/psychiatric registrars.

The ONTrac at Peter Mac Victorian AYA Cancer Service is a state-wide multidisciplinary service for young people aged 15 to 25.

Palliative care is person and family-centred care provided for a person with an active, progressive, advanced disease. The primary goal is to optimise the person's quality of life.

The Dental Oncology Service provides specialised services for patients undergoing treatment, primarily for head and neck, blood, and skin cancers.

Pain experienced is a significant issue for most people with cancer. Not all patients will have pain, but for those who do, it can have a huge impact on patients and their loved ones.