There are a number of emotional, physical, practical and social challenges that cancer survivors may face once they finish cancer treatment, including late effects of cancer treatment and the fear of cancer returning.

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General fact sheets

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Cancer Specific fact sheets

Survivorship care plan templates

Survivorship care plans (SCP) provide a useful summary of your treatment and what you can expect afterwards, they may also include useful health and wellbeing advice. Although each cancer is different, the ACSC provides a general survivorship care plan (SCP) template for people who have not received a plan. You can use the plan to enter the relevant information  and save it or print it out for your records. You will need to know the cancer treatment you received, and details of your after treatment care. is an online tool that can be used to create a survivorship care plan after treatment for early-stage breast, prostate or bowel cancer. The website is quick and easy to use, and freely available to health professionals and patients. The website can be accessed at

Information about life after cancer in other languages ‘On the road to recovery’

Survivor stories

ACSC consumer advocate, Meg Rynderman, shares with us her cancer survivorship journey ‘10 years on – My story retold’.

John Rynderman, husband of ACSC’s consumer advocate, Meg Rynderman, shares his experience in ‘Survivorship, a partner’s story’

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