Community support organisations

There are a range of reliable community-based organisations available to provide information and support programs. We have listed the major organisations below. Speak to your health care team for additional recommendations.

Cancer Councils

For cancer information and support, call 13 11 20.

Visit Cancer Council Australia the national website, or contact your state's local Cancer Council (these links will take you away from the ACSC webpage):

Community support organisations

There are support groups and services for people with cancer. These include:

Please note this is not an exhaustive list as your local Cancer Council will maintain an up-to-date of state-specific services.

Children and young adult cancer survivors

  • ONTrac at Peter Mac
    A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who work alongside cancer specialists at Peter Mac and beyond.
    Phone: 03 8559 6880
    Email: [email protected]
  • CanTeen
    Email: [email protected]
    CanTeen has resources (written and peer support) for young people (12–24 years) with or affected by cancer.
  • RedKite
    Email: [email protected]
    RedKite offers support for young people (up to 18 years) with cancer. RedKite can assist with information and counselling, financial assistance, education, and carer and bereavement support.

Carers of cancer survivors

Carers Australia
Offers support to carers.
Phone: 1800 242 636

Community support organisations’ cancer survivorship care consensus statement

ACSC convened a number of forums of Community Support Organisations to discuss work relating to cancer survivorship. A major recommendation from these forums was the development of a consensus statement. The purpose of the consensus statement is to articulate the vital role of community support organisations in the provision of survivorship care to Australians of all ages who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Continue here to read the Community Support Organisations' Cancer Survivorship Care Consensus Statement.

ACSC would like to thank all of the organisations that have endorsed the statement.