Visitor information and restrictions

We have introduced changes to visiting hours and to number of visitors during COVID-19.

  • Patients can nominate two visitors to be added to the Peter Mac visitors register
  • Visiting hours for approved visitors will be from 2PM to 6PM daily
  • Only ONE (1) visitor per patient is allowed at any one time (including those accompanying patients for outpatient treatment)
  • No visitors under the age of 16 are permitted.
  • Visits must be no longer than two hours. 
  • Please practice social distancing at the bedside.

We know these restrictions can be challenging and we understand each family’s situation is different. For exceptional circumstances we encourage families to  the nurse in charge.

Any variations in the above rules need to be cleared with the nurse in charge of the ward in advance, including changes to approved visitors.

For the safety of our patients and staff please DO NOT visit a Peter Mac site if you have a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath or have been overseas in the last 14 days.

Please remember at this point if you have not travelled to affected areas overseas or have not been in direct contact with anyone who has visited the affected areas overseas or tested positive to COVID-19, there is very little risk of infection.

If you would like more information please visit the DHHS website 

Carpark Changes

The carpark roller doors will now be closed at 8PM instead of 9PM.

This is to bring them in-line with the locking of all other external doors.

Patients and visitors will be able to exit the carpark with a valid ticket at any time but new entries to the carpark will stop at 8PM.